Chris and Hai cooking a Katsu SandoAsher preparing a deliveryChris, Hai and Asher working at Evil KatsuChris and Hai cooking at Evil Katsu NYCChris and Hai fulling a clients order at Evil Katsu NYC

Evil Katsu was born out of necessity. The three of us--Chris, Hai, and Asher--met while working at a Michelin starred Spanish tapas restaurant in Union Square. Late nights after service spent on St. Marks cemented our passion for katsu, not to mention our bond (Chris and Hai would marry in the summer of 2019!). After finding ourselves without jobs due to Covid, we decided to take the plunge and start our very own restaurant dedicated to the dish.

Using the fine-dining techniques we perfected in the past we are able to create an elevated takeout experience. We hand butcher our proteins, bread each item to order, and make all of our sides from scratch (to be fair, we do buy Kewpie, though, because it's incredible). With an eye toward detail and flavor, Evil Katsu delivers thoughtful and delicious food to the neighborhood where it all began.

Tuesday THE 23rd - WE ARE OPEN NOW UNTIL 09:00 PM